Jean-Luc Dupont Magical Entertainer

How do you learn magic?

Learn from a master...

When available, Jean-Luc does offer courses to students between the ages of 7 to 77. Either in a private setting or in formal classes, students are initiated to the craft of magic. Using common objects or props that they build, the students develop their self-confidence by learning the various techniques that will enable them to present an arsenal of quality close-up magic tricks.

The following testimonials best describe Jean-Luc’s teaching approach:

"I have known Mr. Jean-Luc Dupont, for the past two years in the capacity as a teacher and instructor of Magic, being taught to school-aged children. He has been teaching magic classes, enrichment workshops, for the Association of Bright Children take-Off program since Fall 2002.

Jean-Luc enjoys what he is teaching and it shows. His students readily absorb his energy and enthusiasm for Magic.

Mr. Dupont’s personal style of instruction is one of which children find themselves in a comfortable and accepting learning environment. An environment created by Mr. Dupont, to encourage students to try new skills, and to build confidence in themselves and their abilities within a short time.

Through the generous use of humor and support, the students in the Magic class learn a wide range of magic tricks, and are able to demonstrate this upon completion of the course. They are taught step by step, and shown by example, how to do the tricks, and how to get up in front of a crowd with confidence.

By keen observation and experience working individually with each student, Jean-Luc is quick to meet with students’ individual learning styles; whether they need more time to work through a magic trick, need more practice, need more time developing their confidence, or need more challenging magic tricks. He has shown he is willing to work through each student’s range of learning needs.

He has consistently been organized for the Take-Off program and its requirements, and always comes prepared to teach. The children have enjoyed his courses over the past two years, with many returning for additional courses with him. He has been a great motivator for the students, and an excellent instructor with the ABC Take-Off program."

Christina Comeau, ABC Take-Off Coordinator

"I've always been interested in magic and after taking lessons with Professor Magician Jean-Luc Dupont, I will take more lessons with him."

Joe 52 years old student

"Depuis 3 ans, M. Dupont donne des cours de Magie dans le cadre d’activités parascolaires. M.Dupont est une personne ponctuelle et appréciée des enfants qu’il côtoit ".

Dianne Monnier, Coordonatrice des activités parascolaires, Lycée Claudel

"If you are really serious about learning magic, then don't hesitate for a moment; Get lessons from a master. Jean-Luc Dupont is in my opinion the closest you can get to this. Dupont is well read, truly knowledgeable and most of all , he has the ability to understand why, how & when a trick should be done"

Denis St-Jean - Resident magician at le Vieux Duluth in Gatineau.